• We cut lawns to an average height of between 20 and 40mm depending on type of grass, leaving a beautifully striped finish. Our machines are designed to cut in all but torrential downpours, enabling service throughout the year.
• We also trim lawn edges cleanly and sharpli, with cuttings collected.
• During the summer we apply professional wetting agents twice a month to keep our lawns a rich green and unstressed during summer.
• We remove hatch infestations by regular scarification.
• In London clay soils compaction is a common problem and we alleviate it by mechanical core aeration to a depth of 100mm, followed by removal and top dressing with a rootzone mix to allow water and air penetration.
• Weeds are completely eradicated by annual treatment with herbicides and further spot weeding.
• A serious problem on poorly drained soil is moss, which is treated with an algaecide yearly and then removed by scarification.
• Worms are controlled so no casts to spoil your cutting.
• Pests and diseases are easily identified in a carefully maintained lawn and are treated as appropriate.
• Twice annually we carry out overseeding to infill barren or worn areas and replace grasses as they die.
• All lawns receive a monthly professional foliar feed.
• Fallen leaves cause a loss and weakening of grasses so we remove them before cutting in the autumn.

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