I was happy to support a woman-owned business based in Snohomish County and upon meeting Heidi and Kryssie was basically sold. I could tell you operate with integrity and talent and those were the two most important qualities to me. I loved the photos on Instagram account and website, as well. The best part of the experience was definitely seeing what plans you came up with for our back yard. Our wish list was pretty nebulous, and it was a delight to see what you came with both in regard to plant and hardscape design. We’re loving the functionality of the patio and deck as well as the beauty of how their shape goes with the beautiful plants. I’m loving all the plants. Even now in their baby phase, and can’t wait to see them fill in. You chose mostly things I’ve never grown in my yard and I’m loving it. We were happy with the contractor selection process, too. It helped to see the comparisons, so we knew our budget was not inflated, but market rate. We really appreciate the use of quality, conscientious contractors over just whoever is cheapest/fastest. You checked on things every week (sometimes more) and it definitely alleviated most of the fear we had about using contractors. Y’all have the customer experience fine-tuned in my opinion. Wish we could go straight to the front yard phase but we’re starting to save already and will be excited to return our business to Sublime when we are ready to proceed with it!