Bobby’s Gardening Services was the first and only company I called relating to my desperate need for an immediate garden face lift, in time for summer. I have 3 young sons all under 4 years old, and so family time is precious to me when I’m not at work.

Bobby visited my home to view my garden prior to providing me with a quote for the task of digging up my existing turf, levelling out my garden and then resurfacing it with high quality artificial turf. I was shown a multitude of different samples of turf, and advised on each sample as to its quality, durability and as to which would best suit the needs of a large family like my own.

I decided to trust my instincts; Bobby is well presented, he gives his fullest attention to your requirements and exudes a trustworthy personality. I didn’t even bother looking for any other quotes and I’m glad for it now – I’m advised (by friends) that the price I was quoted would have been unbeatable anyway.

Bobby was courteous, polite and incredibly hard working. He would arrive early, daily, and in the company of his ridiculously hard working staff members and work wouldn’t finish until their daily target had been met.

I fully recommend Bobby. I trust him and I genuinely believe that there is no other gardening company fit to clean his boots, let alone take care of your garden.